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Announcement - Applications open for CSC 2010 in Uxbridge, UK

Announcement - Applications open for CSC 2010 in Uxbridge, UK

Applications are now being accepted, for the CERN School of Computing 2010, to be held in in Uxbridge, UK, from 23 August to 3 September 2010

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I bridge Grids and Clouds using virtualization technology?
  • Is it possible to simplify LHC physics analysis using virtual machine?
  • Why I am the only one who can authenticate using my grid certificate despite it containing only public available information?
  • How can reliable storage services be built from unreliable hardware?
  • Why are tapes still used in high energy physics data storage?
  • How can I write code for tomorrow’s hardware, today?
  • How do I see your software with attacker's eyes?
  • Can you hack you own code?
  • What's so special about High Energy Physic's data format?
  • What are the key statistical methods used in physics data analysis?

All the answers at CSC2010

Organized by CERN in collaboration with Brunel University the program highlights include:

Data Technologies - present state of the art technologies and options for data storing and management

Base Technologies - addresses the most relevant underlying technologies for software development security, networking, hardware architecture

Physics Computing - focuses on the particular challenges the HEP community is facing for the LHC computing.

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